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Welcome to the Camaro Homepage

Here at "CHpg", we've posted much of what you want to know about the fifth-generation Camaros and GM's earlier 5G Camaro concepts. In our "Top Stories" section we have the latest Camaro news. In our feature articles section, we have in-depth information, such as details on the Camaro SS's LS3 engine, you won't find anywhere else. If you want to know what might be coming in the future, take a look at Chevrolet's latest Camaro concepts in our SEMA Show coverage. On our specifications page we have a wealth of data about the '10 and '11 Camaros.

Available in various places on the CHpg we have lots more articles, pictures and video. We have interviews with key Chevrolet people involved in the car's development, such as Chief Designer, Tom Peters and Product Manager, Cheryl Pilcher. We have a road test article about the Camaro's precursor, the Holden VE Commodore SS, which offers some historical perspective of how the fifth generation Camaro got to be what it is, today.

Now that the fifth-generation Camaro has been in production for a while, we have coverage of some of the Camaro special editions which are beginning to appear, such as the unique, Tom Henry Racing (THR) Camaro.

Watch Kate's 2011 THR Camaro Walk Around.


The CHpg not only covers today's Camaro; it's about the history of Chevrolet's iconic sports coupe. We have content for fans of older Camaros. CHpg is sponsored by Tom Henry Racing which not only sells the 2011 THR Camaro of today but, also, built the famed "Tom Henry SS", 4th Gen Camaros of 2001 and 2002. We have a road test of one of the last TH SSes. We're also having fun out in the garage. We've been following a built-up project, a 2001 V6 Camaro hot rod which the Camaro Homepage is modifying, called the "Tom Henry RS".

2002 Tom Henry SS Convertible.

We have a link to the Tom Henry Racing Parts Department which sells a variety of Camaro parts, both GM and aftermarket, including the popular Stainless Works, Chambered Exhaust Systems which give that '60s and '70s Camaro sound to the fourth-gen, 93-02s, and the THR Exhaust headers and cat-back exhaust for the fifth gen, '10 and '11s along with other parts used on our Tom Henry Racing Camaros. Parts used on our Tom Henry RS project and on the 01-02 Tom Henry SSes can, also, be sourced at the THR Parts Department. There's a link to the THR Engine Shop which can do performance modification work to just about any engine in a Camaro.

If you're looking to order a 2011 Camaro and want to buy from one of the Nation's most experienced Camaro dealers, Tom Henry Chevrolet, click the contact us link and send us an email telling what kind of Camaro you want.

Enjoy your visit to CHpg, the Camaro Nation's best web resource.


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